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Carry On Approved Travel Bottles

The Soft TSA-Approved Travel Bottles That Won’t Leak.

Travel with the peace of mind that your liquids will stay where they should: inside their container
When packing a bag, either carry-on or check-in, the second BIGGEST popular concern is always the liquids (Just in case you’re wondering, #1 concern is avoiding overweight fees).
– An Improper Liquid container has the potential to ruin your entire luggage’s contents.
– Prior to carrying liquids on board, you have to make sure to comply with TSA rules or else risk losing them to the security checkpoint friendly personnel.

Travis Travel Bottles are GUARANTEED to hold their liquids and comply 100% with TSA’s 3-1-1 Liquids rule.
This package includes 2x 2.0 oz. bottles and 1x 3.0 Oz Bottle. Conveniently packaged in a clear 1 Quart zipper bag.
But that’s not all. The bottles themselves are far from generic. Here’s a list of what they are desinged to do for you:
– Squeezable Silicone – Specially able to retain liquids during altitude pressure changes.
– Leak proof valve technology – Won’t drip or spill it’s contents.
– Large bottle mouth for fast, drip free fills.
– Attached suction cup – Can be temporary attached to mirrors and many smooth surfaces such as shower tiles.
– 100% BPA Free – Safe for food use. It’s purpose goes beyond traveling.

Luggage Scale

The Key To Avoid Overweight Luggage Fees.
An affordable luggage scale can pay for itself in savings on it’s first use.

– Lightweight and Highly Portable<- Conveniently slips into purse or pocket. And because its extremely small, our Luggage Scale is always readily available especially when travelling on different airlines which may have different weight requirements.
– Capacity: 90 LB / 40 KG, with high precision: 0.1 LB / 0.1 KG;
– Backlit Large Digital Screen< – Easy to read even in low light situations.
– Temperature Sensor Also measures room temperature in Celsius.
– Ergonomically Designed with the shape of a grip for your comfort. Simply put, it’s the most ergonomically thought-out luggage scale which translates to comfort.
– Two Button Operation – Simple and easy to use with large well marked buttons.

Packing organizers

Neatly organize and pack those smaller items and accessories when you travel.
Don’t pack for disaster. Organize your small stuff with this Organizer Set.

– Set of 3 organizing bags with see-through clear cover Multipurpose bags specially good for organizing small items such as cosmetics, electronics and toiletry products.
– Dimensions 9″x5″, 7.5″x4.5″ and 6.5″x4″
– Interior offers secure storage space and prevents scratches and leakages.

Packing Compressors

The easy way to make everything fit in your luggage.


Coming Soon

Travel Neck Wallet

The Versatile Travel Neck Stash and Wallet that Will Keep Your Important Travel Documents Safe and Accessible.
Don’t miss place your important documents while you travel. Have them ready and safe.

– RFID technology protects your data-sensitive travel documents Nowadays most passports have radiofrequency data that can be accessed remotely if not properly stowed. This wallet will block out the signal of your RFID documents so no one can access it when you don’t want to.
– The kind of versatility you need when travelling. Two money and boarding pass compartments, One passport compartment on each side (2 in total) and a clear photo ID holder.
– 10% Nylon with RFID blocking technology

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