7 Tips and Tricks to Avoid Paying Excess Luggage Fees

March 24, 2015
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avoid excess baggage

The craze for airlines to charge extra fees for everything they can think of remains unfazed. One thing that can shoot up your cost for air travel is paying excess baggage.

Over packing can lead to a lot of headaches, not to mention the exorbitant fees you will pay for those heavy luggage. To avoid all these stress and other things that can easily shoot up your travel fees, read on.

Here are the 7 tips and tricks to avoid paying excess luggage fees:

1. Know the regulations and limits

This is the most basic of all – you need to know what the fees and restrictions are on your specific flights. Different airline companies have different guidelines, and sometimes the standards also change depending on the courses you’re flying.

2. Buy ultra light luggage

Ultra-lightweight luggage allows you to pack more of your own clothing and equipments, while still keeping it under the limit. If you have save 7 pounds on your suitcase that means you can have 7 pounds of additional space for souvenirs that you eventually can shop.

prevent excess luggage fees

3. Take two smaller bags instead

You pay extra for each bag you carry, but it may cost less to take two separate bags than one large one. For example, if you’re flying within the USA on US Airways, here’s fees schedule currently:

First checked bag = $25
Second checked bag = $35
Overweight bag 51-70 pounds = $90

4. Get baggage that tells you if it’s overweight

This is very easy, because there’s nothing extra for you to pack, and you can’t overlook it. Just look at the suitcase when it’s crammed, and you will see in an instant if you have a problem.

5. Use a portable luggage scale

Since you’re adding one more item to your luggage, it’s important to get a scale that’s as small and light as possible, while being functional and strong enough to handle large, heavy luggage. Travis Travel Gear Luggage Scale currently is the lightest scale on the market, weighing less than 3 ounces.

6. Wear or carry on the heavy items

Changing some weighty items on your carry-on bag or your body can help keep your big suitcase under the weight limits.

Have a collection of guidebooks? Pack them in your carry-on bag. It may be tougher on your shoulders, but it could be easier on your wallet. Easier still, purchase a Kindle, and then you can bring a whole library of books in one tiny e-reader.

Going on a hiking adventure? Wear your hiking boots on the plane. This could slow you down at the airport security line, but it will save both weight and space in your baggage.

Don’t wait until you get to the airport and they weigh your suitcase to start shuffling things around. Repacking on the floor of the airport terminal is very annoying. Check everything out using your luggage scale before you go to the airport. If you need to repack, it’s easier to do in your hotel room.

7. Bring fewer items

Clearly, you could always go for the obvious!

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