Business Travel: Learn The Top 10 Corporate Travel Safety Tips Here

January 07, 2015
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Every year, around millions of business travelers visit various places around the world. A business traveler’s personal safety is always possibly at danger – even if their travel destination is just a short distance away.

Here are the essential safety tips that when followed and practiced, can help make you less susceptible when on the road.

Don’t Travel Alone

If possible never go solo. If you do have to travel alone, you must set up scheduled times to check in with someone at home. If you don’t check in, they will straight away know that something is wrong.

Be Wary

Be cautious of your surrounding is one of the most crucial things you can do to make yourself safe and secure. If something seems uncommon or out of place, it possibly is. You must trust your guts.

Don’t Stand Out

Avoid conduct or dressing that will make you noticeable from the rest especially when traveling abroad.

Get Familiarized with the Area

It is essential to be informed on the place that you are going to. This includes any travel cautions and any regional/ local problems, especially radical. You should also have knowledge of where you will be staying and the places you will need to see while you are there.

You must visit the State Department’s website ( for information about the nation you will be traveling to. They will also post any travel notices or alerts. For additional information, contact the U.S. Department of Transportation Travel Advisory and Airport Safety Hotline (800-221-0673).

Have a Code Word

The number one reason that tourists get kidnapped in foreign places is by reading your name off of a sign that a driver is holding at the airport, replicating the sign and standing in front of the real driver. To prevent this, you must have a code word that you can ask from the driver.

Your Hotel

Stay away from hotels with rooms that open to the outside and rooms on the first floor. Make sure to use the extra lock on your door and to lock all valuables. Know the emergency exits and stairwells. In case of emergency, you already know where exactly to go out.

Meet in Public Zones

Don’t use your hotel room for meetings. You must remember that your bedroom should be private like a personal space for sleeping.

Know What You Have

Don’t forget to make photocopies of credit cards(front and back), passport and driver license. In case they are misplaced or stolen, you will know exactly what to do and for your credit cards, you can immediately call the customer service numbers to terminate them. You must keep the photocopies in a safe envelope or scan them and e-mail them to yourself. If you are using a web-based e-mail service, you can easily get the documents if you have internet access.

For Female Travelers

Female business travelers are at a higher risk when traveling especially abroad. Main trick – wear a wedding ring even if you are a single woman. An inexpensive, fake ring can go a long way in discouraging criminals. Likewise, having your hair down or in a ponytail should be evaded because this makes an easy way for attackers to grab you.

Create a Solid Plan

In case something unexpected things happened, it is very important to create a plan and have good support system. You must discuss it with your family/friends in what to do in case of an emergency. The U.S. Department of State has a Citizen’s Emergency Center that you can call for assistance and the hotline is 202-647-0900.

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