Luggage Packing Tips – How To Get More Space When Packing

March 03, 2015
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Most business travelers will give their best and all to avoid getting their bag checked –even on extended travels. Fit everything you need into one carry-on bag with these baggage packing tips and how to get more space when packing.

Wear Your Heaviest Items

If you need a jacket in your trip, you can save more space in your luggage by wearing these bulky items. Carrying more than one pair of shoes? You must wear the heaviest pair on travel days to save on luggage weight.

Use Space-Saving Bags

You need to separate your stuff by type into smaller plastic cases. Squeeze or suction the air out of them to save space and it’s the best way to easily find your things as you unload. Space bags by Travis Travel Gear will work great for this purpose and it can also be re-used for storage, plus it does not require any vacuum to suction air out.

Maximize Every Available Space

From the always neglected outer pockets to the space at the bottom part of your suitcase aside from the handle tubing, there are many gaps in your bag for inserting extra belongings. Use these smaller parts for things like underwear, socks, and non-destructible items. Don’t forget to pack your shoes with small things including toiletries, glasses, non-liquid medicines, and etc.

If your baggage has an expandability detail, think of maximizing it only if doing so won’t knock your luggage out of the carry-on-size grouping; the last thing you want to do after packing your bag is to delicately check it.

Roll Items When Possible

Generally, the lower most section of your baggage should be filled with the clothing you care the least about such as your PJs, socks, and undershirts. Roll these items as firmly as possible, especially if you are not organizing things into space-saving bags, and create a flat surface by packing every corner of your baggage. Leave the top of your bag for your dress shirts, skirts, slacks, etc. which should be folded lightly together.

Consolidate and Re-Package Items

Pack your medicines in a small Ziploc bag. Use travel-size tubes and containers, or the Travis Travel Gear travel bottles for carrying small amounts of your favorite face or hair products.

Get Packing

There is a right and smart way to pack a bag and this is it:

  • Put your luggage flat on its back, fully opened.
  • Stuff as many undergarments and socks into your socks as will fit, then set the shoes in the bottom most part of the bag. This is the first layer of your suitcase.
  • On uppermost of your shoes, lay down a layer of bulkier rolled items such as your sweaters and jeans; you need to pack them as closely as they’ll go. This minimizes wasted space and prevents the rolls from coming undone during transit.
  • If you have any breakable stuff that isn’t being brought as carry-on, you must place them in the center of the bag on the heavy-roll layer to keep the items from breaking.
  • The next layer should be made up of lighter rolled items like t-shirts and undergarments, also closely packed to avoid unrolling.
  • On top of them, put your folded things. This will allow instant access to your stuffs upon arrival for unfolding and hanging. Place these things in as dry cleaner bag to avoid wrinkling.
  • Extra lightweight things such as your underwear, socks, and belts must be packed in any available corner to help stabilize the packing.

Place your toiletry bag on top of the folded layer and then, simply close the luggage lid; and you’re finished!

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