Top Air Travel Safety Hacks For A Hassle-Free Trip

November 13, 2014
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Young woman walking at airport

For a frequent flyer, traveling must be carefully planned. Planning ahead helps one do away with all the hassles and any other possible issues that may arise by simply taking the appropriate precautionary measures before the big day.

In this article, we have summed up the leading air travel safety tips for a more hassle-free trip:

1. Book airline tickets only with a reputable airline company

Dealing with a legit airline company will ensure that you get to your scheduled trip as planned and that your booking will be confirmed on that particular date. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to take advantage of their discounted offers and promo fares.

 2. As much as possible travel light

Before you fly to a particular destination, be sure to check on your free baggage allowance. If possible, bring only what’s necessary. This will save you from the exorbitant excess baggage fees that airline companies charge. Bring the most functional and multipurpose items of clothing and travel accessories that will save you space but at the same time will not inconvenience you in your travels. Place a tag on your bags and label them accordingly with your name, contact details, and flight data. Never offer to bring anything for an acquaintance, and lock your bags securely.

3. Keep your travel documents safe

It is important that you keep all your travel documents safe. Keep it within your easy reach, especially when traveling abroad where you might need to present your passport every time when traveling.

4. Bring along some medicines or first aid kit with you

Bring along basic medicines such as those for headache, stomachache, toothache, etc. If you have prescription drugs with you, bring a written note from your physician so you can present it at the airport when being questioned about the medicines you carry with you in your luggage.

5. Adhere to all travel security rules and regulations

A travel-savvy person adheres to all security rules without question. Make sure you do not have any prohibited items with you as you travel. Leave behind prohibited liquids, razors, scissors, and other dangerous objects which are regulated by law or your airline, or anything which otherwise should be places in your checked-in baggage. Bring some of our leading airline travel bottles for a hassle-free liquid storage.

6.All electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, and other portable devices must be fully charged prior to your scheduled flight

Airport staff may require you to have it turned on for inspection. Also, remember to switch off your mobile phone during takeoff, and place it on ‘Airplane Mode,’ while aircraft is already in flight.

7. Take a valid ID with your photo and personal information with you as you travel

Bringing a valid ID with your photo and other particulars will help you in the airport; place it next to your tickets to speed things up, especially when you are in queue for check-in.

8. Before you leave home, call your airline and double-check on your flight schedule

Verify your check-in time and be sure to promptly arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure, and at least 4 hours before an international flight.

Take note of the prohibited items while in flight such as aerosols, firearms, flammables, etc. Due to the prevalence of terrorism, never make a joke out of bomb threats, hijackings, or other related things as in some countries, you can be penalized for doing so.

Never leave your baggage and other valuables unattended. Prior your flight, check on weather conditions in your place as well as your destination, so you know what clothes to bring, personal effects, etc. Check the local news for any pertinent news in your area or the place you are supposed to travel to. Nothing beats a prepared and well-planned travel.

And my last word of advice – enjoy your trip!


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